What if I could show you how to make...

$5000 per week...at least... from


fixing horse and dog racing!


How would you like to profit from almost every
horse and dog race you play...

by arranging certain wagers in an INCREDIBLE manner
in which it's virtually


Introducing -- Prof. Dennis Tellermen's ... "Cryption 2-1-8"

This is NOT a tote board system... and has NOTHING to do with changing odds!


This is NOT  a selection method, or
a system for picking winners...
this is
 not any type of old "dutching” method...


"Cryption 2-1-8" is unlike anything you've ever seen...


This is a fantastic plan for beating any form of horse or dog racing... by taking advantage of the "minus" percentage inherent in every race!!!


            The "minus" percentage is nothing new... and has been in effect long before modern racing! This is not a product of pari-mutual racing... THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ODDS OF THE HORSES OR DOGS... that has to do with HOW the race itself is designed to guarantee the track of huge profit, regardless of which horse wins! It goes far beyond the “track take” and is the reason why no matter how good you are at picking winners... or how good a system you think you have... you simply can’t win! This “minus” percentage is the most powerful method all horse and dog tracks have for separating you from your money! It was created by the greed of the racetracks... but because of their greed...


We can beat them at their own game... in just about any race we decide to play!


What if I said ...

you win...  or breakeven in 97% of the races you play!!!


Never lose a playable race?

            Is this possible... how about 97% of the time?


How would you like to walk into any horse or dog track... OTB parlor, or race track... study the next race for several minutes using the simple rules of the incredible “Cryption 2-1-8” ... never look at the odds... and walk out with whatever amount of money you feel like winning?

Would you like to do this race after race...

6 to 8 races per day on average... using as little as $25 to $50 for each race? Would you like to know that while you're doing this you have a 97% chance of either winning big... averaging 5 to 20 times what you've wagered... or breaking even? And even when you lose, you only lose, on average... less than 10% of your total wagers? Would you like to do this day after day... investing $25 to $50 each race and winning over $5,000 per week? Would you like to be able to double your bets the next week and win $10,000... does this sound like something you could get into?


Prof. Dennis Tellerman, PhD, with his new computer math discovery... "Cryptop”,
the mother invention of
 “Cryption 2-1-8”, makes this INCREDIBLE procedure possible!


But you do not need a computer to use this INCREDIBLE  ...
completely MECHANICAL procedure...

only the simple rules and several minutes before each race!


*How does “Cryption 2-1-8” work?

*What does it do? *How much can you win?

I know you have many questions... so let's get to them!




            Two years ago Prof. Dennis Tellerman, invented a completely new math program based on computer dialogue (if you don't know what that means, don't worry) which he called “Cryptop”. This fantastic discovery broke new ground in solving the most difficult of all math questions... measuring the exact effect of random occurrences on any percentage. In other words it determines when an event is likely to happen beyond the predicted percentages. So negative percentage happenings can be predicted ahead of time with incredible accuracy no matter how infrequent they may occur.

If there is a 10 to 1 chance something will happen “Cryptop” will tell you "when" that one chance in 10 will occur,
 and be right up to 97% of the time! But not just 10 to 1... it can predict 22 one... 52 one and even higher, exactly when that "one chance" will occur, and be correct up to 97% of the time! You can also go the other way. If something occurs two out of three times, it tells us when the two times will occur... or the other time it won't... or both! Can you imagine the possibilities? Well Dennis Tellerman did, and so “Cryption 2-1-8” was born!




All forms of racing have an internal "negative percentage" built into them. Those horses or dogs that seem to be the best also pay the least! This makes all of racing a negative percentage gain... which means... percentage wise, the fans must lose. This "internal" negative percentage, has nothing to do with the additional percentage of the “track take”, the amount deducted from each race, or the changing odds, (tote board odds). In fact it's much more devastating to fans because very few know it exists. The "internal percentage" is based on the percentage of occurrence for the other factors within the race itself! 

For example, the horse with the highest speed rating in any given race wins about one third of the time. In contrast, the horse with the lowest speed rating wins about once in 85 races. You can't profit from either of these types for apparent reasons.
 But suppose you knew before the race when the horse with the highest speed rating would win... or even when the lowest speed rating horse would win, (no matter how infrequent), AND YOU WERE CORRECT 97% OF THE TIME!!! This is exactly what “Cryption 2-1-8” does... tells you when any occurrence will potentially happen, no matter how frequent or infrequent... with almost 97% success rate! And it works best on horse and dog racing, because of the "internal -- minus percentages" built into the game!!!




            With “Cryption 2-1-8”, the possibilities are endless! Imagine being able to "arrange" your wagers in such a fashion as to have a 97% chance of success? (In some races, even higher!) Thousands of dollars in winnings each day had been reported by recent users... with an average of  nearly $5,000 per week on small bets! But “Cryption 2-1-8” goes even further than incredible winnings... it removes the biggest factor both horse and dog fans have to face... RISK! Imagine having almost no risk involved... yet still being able to win thousands of dollars per week... or per day! You do not simply make wagers into a particular race... you "attack" the race, squeeze out every possible ounce of profit... NO MATTER HOW IMPOSSIBLE THE RACE MAY SEEM...  or how unclear the best horses or dogs may be!


You are not just winning... you're actually "FIXING" the race so...
You are virtually assured of a big profit no matter what happens!


            “Cryption 2-1-8” is something completely different from anything you've ever seen! The old way of making selections and hoping you'll win... is replaced with... arranging your wagers in knowing you're going to win! Many times you'll collect on a variety of bets within a single race... for the most FANTASTIC profits and manageable! This is not like anything you've ever seen... I just can't emphasize that enough!!!


This is not playing the races... like you've done before... 
  This is not just making wagers and wishing for success...


            You will be in the same position as the bookie or racetrack... you will be the one determining HOW the race will profit you... you will be the one who will decide HOW MUCH gain you “feel” like taking from this particular race... “Cryption 2-1-8” allows you to win thousands of dollars... but not from picking a particular winning horse or dog... or winning exotic combination... but from "arranging" the race in such a way to practically "GUARANTEE" the most incredible winnings... regardless of which horse or dog wins!


And, “Cryption 2-1-8” does all this in a very simple way... using simple rules... that take only minutes to apply!


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Listen To What Others Have To Say...



“Cryption 2-1-8” has been offered for just the past few weeks. Below we have reprinted letters from a few of the most recent buyers. Limited space prevents us from showing you all of them... there are piles of them... AND NOT ONE LETTER WAS UNHAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!!!



"Professor Tellerman,

Received your “Cryption 2-1-8” system last week. I had no idea something like this could even exist! But one thing that is most incredible is, the basic premise almost completely removes the possibility of losing any money! You either breakeven or win big! I've decided the racing will be a major source of my income from now on. I've moved past the $50 per race level and now I'm on the $100 level. Profits for last week alone... a staggering $9230.00! Can you believe it... that's for just one week! If I could have dreamed up a system for beating the races, it would not be as good as this. Don't know what else to say except thanks for the money!"


                                                                                               David Gildardy, Arcadia, CA

“Dear Dennis,

I've heard of you, but I never knew your hobby was racing until the article in the magazine last month. They called you a boy genius, as far as I concerned... you are even smarter than that! This“Cryption 2-1-8” is unbelievable at beating the horses and dogs. I visited a friend at the Florida greyhound track for a few days... and one over $8,700.00 for my trouble. My friend says I must be doing something illegal or else I couldn't be winning so much! I'm kind of new to the races, but I took that is fast, winning over $1400 the first day out! Hope this dream keeps going ‘cause I don't want to wake up. You've changed an old-timer's life... God bless you. My best to you and thanks." 

                                                                          Tommy "Silver" Winthrop, Long Island, NY


“Professor Dennis Tellerman,

Just a note to the “Cryption” has completely destroyed the race books here!  I’m afraid to tell you how much I’ve won... but it is substantial to say the least! My hats off to you.  You’ve accomplished what others have been trying for century... unlimited profits with almost no chance of any loss.  Whatever anybody who doesn’t have this now may think... I can assure them, this thing goes far beyond anything you can imagine.  It’s a work of art!”


                                                                                                   David Donners, Reno, NV


“To the Professor,

I bought your “Cryption 2-1-8” three weeks ago,  I hate to write letters, but just had to let you know what the checks been going, before I go crazy!  I’ve been blowing away the track here with the most incredible results.  Even I can hardly believe it!  Just last Sunday boy what a day!  I played six races and walked out with more cash than I’ve seen in 20 years!  I played the first and won $900... the second and won $300... lost $9 on the fourth... broke even on the fifth... WON $1,400 on the seventh... and WON $1,230 on the ninth!  This is great!  I don’t think this thing can lose, over every three races I’m always way ahead.  After 20 years of losing I’m way in the black... way, way in!”

                                                                                                   Gary Davidson, Cicero, IL


This is how others are making money

using the incredible“Cryption 2-1-8”...

and this could be YOU too!

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The profit potential is... UNLIMITED!!!


Let's see how “Cryption 2-1-8” did around the country last summer in several days of raw testing. Because of limited space we can only show highlights... but we will summarize the total winnings for each day!


Friday, July 24, Belmont Park

The first race at Belmont provided us with a situation that has a 99.6% profit potential. We spotted this gem of a race while scanning the past performances, and for a minimum investment of just $45 total, and only .4% chance of loss... we collected on the following wagers...


$10 win bet on Meggett....result -- -- -- WON ... $8.90 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $34.50

$10 place bet on Meggett....result -- -- -- WON... $4.10 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $10.50

$15 exacta wager on Meggett and Top Official....result -- -- -- WON... $25.00 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $172.50

$10 show bet on Persians Spy.... result -- -- -- WON... $5.70 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $18.50



That same day we collected on the fifth race... and did everything right, with the following wagers that totaled less than $30!

Profit potential on this was 98%, with just a 2% chance of a slight loss or breakeven possibility...


$6 win bet on Princess Pamgaddy... result -- -- -- WON... $102.50 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $301.50

$4 show bet on Princess Pamgaddy... result -- -- -- WON... $19.00 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $30.00

$6 show bet on Mi Suk... result -- -- -- WON... $9.40 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $22.20

$8 exacta wager on Princess Pamgaddy & Gentleman’s Copy... result -- -- -- WON... $226.00 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $840.00

$4 trifecta wager on Princess Pamgaddy, Gentlemen’s Copy & Mi Suk... result -- -- -- WON... $2,078.00 -- -- --

profit -- -- -- $4,142.00!!!



We also made a profit on four more races this day... For in additional profit of $1,256.00 !!!


Even though we don't have room to show it here... the two days prior to Friday, showed a profit of over $3,000.00!


Friday, July 24, Del Mar

After collecting on the first, second and fourth races, for a total profit of over $1,600... it took only a few minutes to notice an extremely profitable situation in the fifth race here! With the profit potential of almost 99% we just couldn't resist an investment, which turned out to be only $44.00!  Here's how we did it...


$10 win bet on Savvy Connection... result -- -- -- WON... $35.80 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $169.00

$5 place bet on Rookie Year... result -- -- -- LOST

$10 show bet that on the Zoras’kite... result -- -- -- WON... $5.20 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $16.00

$15 exacta wager on Savvy Connection & Singular Vision... result -- -- -- WON... $69.50 -- -- -($1 Ex.) -- -- -- Profit -- -- -- $1012.50!

$4 trifecta wager on Savvy Connection, Singular Vision & Zoras’kite... result -- -- -- WON... $630.70 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $1,239.00!



Del Mar was good to us all week, with profits from Wednesday and Thursday totaling over $3,200.00... including the fourth race on Thursday, July 23, which made us over $1,700.00... ON AN INVESTMENT OF ONLY $22.00!!!


Every racing fan's dream has finally come through... huge profits, with very little chance of loss... from simple rules which can be applied by anyone - even if they've never played the races before!


Are you beginning to realize the incredible power of “Cryption 2-1-8”? Profits are squeezed out of every possible situation of a race... with almost no chance for a loss in playable races! These results you see can be yours, all you need are the simple rules of “Cryption 2-1-8"!


Friday, July 24, Calder

In every part of the country, “Cryption 2-1-8” smashes out the most remarkable profits... regardless of the track or grade of horses or dogs! After killing Calder all week with profits totaling over $4,000.00 we came across the fifth race with a profit potential of 97.3%! Here's how it turned out on a $46 investment...


$10 win bet on Miss Golden Darby... result -- -- -- WON $34.80 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $164.00

$10 show bet on Bet It All... result -- -- -- WON... $7.20 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $26

10 dollar place bet on Katherine's Dance... result -- -- -- LOST

$12 exacta wager on Miss Golden Darby & Bet It All... result -- -- -- WON... $312.60 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $1843.00!!!

$4 trifecta wager on Miss Golden Darby, Bet It All & Katherine's Dance... result -- -- -- WON... $1471.20 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $2914.40!!!


TOTAL PROFIT ON RACE, MINUS $46 INVESTMENT... $4,947.40!!! FOR THE WHOLE DAY... $5,765.00!!!


Friday, July 24, Solano Fair track, No. California

Even a cheap track like this, can be fertile ground for profits with “Cryption 2-1-8”. We profited over $900 on four races prior to this one, and managed a nice bundle when we spotted a 98% profit potential in the period for an investment of $40 just look what we did...


$10 win bet on Silver Bounty... result -- -- -- WON... $14.20 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $61.20

$8 show bet on Doc’s Ties... result -- -- -- WON... $6.60 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $18.40

$14 exacta wager on Silver Bounty & Tankfull... result -- -- -- WON $104.80 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $706.60

$4 win bet on Aruba Magic... result -- -- -- LOST

$4 trifecta wager on Silver Bounty, Tankfull, & Doc’s Ties... result -- -- -- WON... $401.70 -- -- --($1 Trif.) -- -- -- Profit -- -- -- $1588.00!!!




Friday, July 24, Hawthorne

This track is been treating the users of “Cryption 2-1-8” very good all week, winning over $4,200.00 but today, was a special day considering the number of races... seven in all. In the eighth race we encountered an almost no lose situation with a staggering 99.9% chance of profit...


$8 win bet on Boy Genius... result -- -- -- WON... $9.20 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $28.80

$10 show bet on Transtar... result -- -- -- WON... $6.00 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $20.00

$10 exacta wager on Boy Genius & Gray Splendor... result -- -- -- WON... $47.20 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $218.00

$10 trifecta wager on Boy Genius, Gray Splendor & Transtar... result -- -- -- WON... $318.60 -- -- -- profit -- -- -- $1,578.00!!!




We had many incredible winnings at other tracks around the country on July 24, but we don't have the room to show you the details... here's a quick recap...


Friday, July 24

LAUREL RACE TRACK... winning races: six -- -- -- Total profits -- -- -- $2,387.00!!!

MONMOUTH PARK... winning races: five -- -- -- Total profits -- -- -- $1,876.00!!!

DELAWARE PARK... winning races: seven -- -- -- Total profits -- -- -- $3,287.00!!!

ELLIS PARK... winning races: six -- -- -- Total profits -- -- -- $4,328.00!!!

LOUISIANA DOWNS... winning races: six... Total profits -- -- -- $2,765.00!!!


“Cryption 2-1-8” just keeps pounding out the most fantastic profits, at horse and dog tracks around the country! These results can be yours...  but only with “Cryption 2-1-8” !!!

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You've seen the winning potential of “Cryption 2-1-8”!  You've seen the proof of how incredibly profitable it is! You've heard what others have to say! Now it's time for you to become part of a small circle of racing fans who can use “Cryption 2-1-8” to win millions of dollars over the next few years. You must be a part of this group...



Please Remember... if you don't send in your request now, you may be at the mercy of those that do!


“Cryption 2-1-8” will be sold on a very limited basis...
 strictly first-come, first-served!  There will be limits placed on each of the five areas in the country. After these limits have been reached no more copies will be sent to that area for 120 days. After that, a limited number of copies will be released again. We cannot remove these limits, so please do not ask us to if you are refused a copy of “Cryption 2-1-8”. We are under contract from the author, and we must observe the limits placed on sales by him.


To insure yourself a copy of this incredible method... please order right away! You can place your request to order two ways.  The first way is a full payment fee of $147 (plus $3 priority shipping). The second way is a down payment fee of $77 (plus $3 priority shipping) with the balance of $70 payable within 60 days -- OUT OF YOUR WINNINGS ONLY! 


Please click the Buy Now Button below and and select your choice of payment – Please Hurry, there is a limit of sales in force! All orders will be sent via Priority Shipping... First Class Mail!



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